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With over fifteen years of experience in brand design we have learnt how important it is to create a meaningful brand story and we have the skills and time to commit to you. It is important to us that we build strong relationships with each and every client so you are able to trust us to get this just right.

Telling your story through your brand is one of the most exciting parts for us. This is far more than just a logo, we explore and understand the tangible and intangible elements of your brand.

Philosophy & Collaboration

We have fostered a philosophy of collaboration, working with owners, operators and contractors to draw on their extensive experience and undertake a holistic design approach, to create a successful brand interior, considering operations and spatial awareness.

We are able to offer a full turn-key approach, including interior architecture, brand strategy and digital design. Our approach is bespoke for each one of our clients. We will always asses your space or proposed site and develop a proposal after our initial meeting and site visit.

Our multi-discipline practice provides innovative design and creative consultancy for a diverse portfolio of clients, ranging from independents to iconic brands from within the hospitality, food and retail sectors.

We encourage a spirit of collaboration with our clients, colleagues and suppliers, which create lasting relationships and enable us to deliver engaging and memorable bar designs and experiences.

Brand Creation Specialists In Hospitality

We are passionate about every aspect of food and beverage design and offer a broad range of design services to compliment our interior design.

Believing in a holistic design approach to design, we consider the whole brand and interior experience when creating your unique brand identity.

We understand the importance of unifying all aspects to create a seamless and successful brand, where your narrative is echoed in all brand assets and interiors. It is vital that every single detail tells your brands narrative and fully immerses your guests in your story.

The Architecture Of Your Brands Identity

At Grey Coffee, we spend the time to really get to know your brand, researching the heritage, history and cultures that surround it. We believe the more input you have at this point the closer we will get to the core of your brand.

We provide timeless solutions to a wide range of businesses, delivering beautiful and engaging brand identities, packaging, signage, graphics and website design.

It’s our belief that collaboration results in better design and therefore offer a turn-key solution, with our passionate team of interior architects, graphic designers and digital designers.

We want to serve our clients year on year, building invaluable relationships and ultimately inspirational restaurant and bar experiences.

Brand Design

A Design Team You Can Trust

When it comes to running your bar, you are clearly the experts. However, when it comes to creating a brand theres more to do than simply come up with a name and logo. But that’s where we come in. We have expertise in branding that allows us to design and develop your brand identity, archetype, values and language.

When we’ve enticed your customer with our stunning interior design, you can impress them again with your more tangible brand elements. We will work with you to design a entire range of brand assets ranging from staff uniform, menu’s, business cards, promotional material and posters.

We aren’t just interior designers, we are a multidisciplinary design team that is concerned with delivering end to end design experiences and seeing the results you want.

We strive to provide both you and your customers a faultless experience, whether it be online or in your restaurant.

Our Processes

We understand that every client is unique and therefore every project requires a different approach. Below the processes we undertake in brand creation are outlined, we will look forward to discussing them further in person.

Grey Coffee begins every project by rigorously researching your brand. This is key to understanding you and your project and it will also help to dictate elements such as brand name, voice and brand positioning. This research is captured through mood boards and visualisation, which will start to shape your brand.

The next step is to create a range of creative concepts, drawing on the research collected. These concepts are then shared and discussed until one concept is decided on, to develop further.

At this stage the concept is rede ned until a initial design is decided on. The perfect type face, illustration and photography is then sourced and collected, whilst constantly being careful to make sure every detail is created just right.

Your brand identity is obviously an important part of your brand. However, there is much more to it than that, we need to de need your brands character, tone of voice, values and purpose.

Here art work is signed off and produced. Throughout this process a range of suppliers and professionals may be involved including, sign writers, copywriters, illustrators, photographers and printers.

Let's Talk About Your Project

We enjoy nothing more than a chat over a coffee. If you’d like to have an initial conversation about what you need and how we can work together, please get in touch to arrange an informal meeting.

You can contact us on: +44 (0) 1636 555 230, or email us:

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